Lindsay Lohan: Come Back to Your Journal



On October 15, 2003, Lindsay Lohan wrote in her online journal:

hey guys, i’m soooo sooo sorry i haven’t written in a while!! I have been working non-stop, i’m in Toronto, Canada right now filming a movie called Mean Girls(comes out next summer), and i just wrapped on Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen (due to come out around February.)  I am going home to NY for 2 days for some photo shoots, then i’m back here for a week, then off to LA for 3 days, and then back again…lol- I miss my family so much, so i’m so excited to see them on Thursday.  But anyway, i just wanted to check in, i’ll try and write more.. xx LL

And then, despite her promise to write again Lindsay turned her back on journal writing, seemingly forever. I learned a lot from her journal, and I’ve really missed getting a view of what it is like to be not just A teen queen, but THE teen queen. Plus, it seems that since she stopped writing, people have felt free to spread all kinds of rumors that she could easily quash with a journal entry.

With that in mind I’d like to recommend the book Write on! Journal-Keeping for Teens by Patricia Fry. There’s a lot of good advice that I think Lindsay could benefit from, like

through journaling…a teen can learn more about him/herself, others and the world around them. They can work through their grief, manage their anger and improve their grades.

Sure grades might not be a problem, but learning about oneself is always beneficial. Maybe you’re saying, "Maybe Lindsay has writer’s block." Well, Fry has something for that too:

I suggest creating a journal jar, for example, with topics you can draw from to get you started. I recommend, in situations where the words are too painful to write, that the teen write their story as though it’s fiction.

I wish I had had this book when I was a teen. Anyway, Lindsay, please buy the book and come back to journal writing. Maybe in the process you’ll come back to yourself.

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