SIZZLER: Brooke Hogan Drops Digits


Hulk_hoganAccording to this message board, Hulk Hogan’s not-quite-legal-yet daughter Brooke gave her number to an over-anxious Chili’s waiter over the weekend. The classy guy couldn’t help but post about it.

i waited on hulk hogan’s daughter last night…i think her name is
brooke right?..anywho…she left me a very nice tip and on the credit
card receipt she scribbled "you’re hot…gimmie a call sometime…her

Reading the thread, it sounds like he’s probably not going to call her– a decision that angered some wrestling fans. Some of the responses are hilarious. Like:

Dude. This is the Hulkster we’re talking about. Not Leaping Lenny
Poffo. Retrieve her number, call her up, and get in that squared

Guys! Come on! Have you ever seen Hogan Knows Best? The Hulkster tracks his daughter with a GPS device! And just try to think about what you’re gonna do, when those 24" pythons run wild on you. This guy made the right call.

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