Velvet Rope: Stars Crash the Vanity Fair Oscar Party



The Vanity Fair Party is a celebration of the nominees and winners of the Academy Awards. It’s also a chance for random celebrities with no affiliation to the Oscars to show up all dressed up and have their picture taken. As a result, lots of surprising stars crash the party every year, using any excuse possible to get inside. Here, we guess what they might have said to get the bouncers to let them in to the party.

Larry King: I’m Lauren Bacall.

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Jewel Kilcher: I’m dating a rodeo star, so it’s kind of like Brokeback. Only straight and nobody cares.


Anne Heche: I’m Celestia, this is my spaceship co-pilot Zork. Please let us in to your earthling party or we will be forced to use our comet-blasters to send you spiraling down a black hole.


Jeff Gordon: Isn’t this the 100th Episode party for Rodney?


Summer Pheonix : We’re with him


Stephen Dorff: Will a $50 do it?


Sascha Cohen: Sascha? Cohen? The Olympics? You invited me two weeks ago how could my name not be on the list?


Taye Diggs and Indina Menzel: But some one said Rent was nominated for sound mixing.


Josh Groban: Graydon Carter’s mom invited me.


Lindsay Lohan: I’m Lindsay Lohan


3-6 Mafia: I swear to god, each of us won an Oscar.

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