Date My Mom: Celebrity Edition


Date My Mom is one of all-time favorite shows (if you haven’t seen it, go to the show’s website), and I’ve always wondered what it would be like if the daughters were celebrities. It might go something like this:

Mom #1 (left): I know you’ll like my daughter because men have been telling me how pretty she is since she was thirteen She’s got really nice curves, and even better maternal instincts. She’s not too fussy about what she wears, and will even go out barefoot. I hope you’ll choose her because the guy she’s with now is a real idiot. In fact, if you don’t pick her, I’ll run you over with my four-wheel drive.

Mom #2 (middle): You’ve got to choose my daughter. First of all, she looks just like me, so you know she’s pretty. Also like me, she works all day but parties all night. She’s had lots of dating experience so I know you’ll have fun with her. If you pick her, you’ll have to drive because she’s a little accident prone. And if you don’t pick her, well, I’m available…

Mom #3 (right): You are going to absolutely love my daughter. She loves traveling, going to parties, and making home movies (some of those have even become big hits on the Internet). Oh, and she really, really loves animals. If I had to choose three words to describe my daughter I would choose hot.

Choose a mom, then find out who your date is after the jump!

If you chose Mom #1, you would go out with Britney Spears.
If you chose Mom #2, you would go out with Lindsay Lohan.
If you chose Mom #3, you would go out with Paris Hilton.

Have a good time, but be back by 11!

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