Keith Urban Loves Trucks, His Dog, Momma…and Nicole Kidman


UrbanAccording to the National Ledger, country music star Keith Urban has been hard at work on a new song, attempting to describe how he feels about fiancee Nicole Kidman. Through our shadowy network of operatives, Best Week Ever has managed to get our hands on an early draft of the song’s lyrics. Check them out:

Baby, I’m just a simple man
Doin’ what I can
To hold on to a star like you.
I make a livin’ singing country
I don’t know scientology
but I’ll never make you worship Xenu.

I love all your movie parts,
‘specially the one about racin’ cars
but I think your ex might be a queer
I never been to Brokeback
I don’t cowboy like that
I’ll always be waiting for you right here.

So forget the pre-nup
we don’t need that stuff
Our love for each other is true blue
and white and red
like America
The only thing I love more than you.

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