SIZZLER: Steve-O Goes


SteveojunkFrom Sky Showbiz

…it wasn’t an animal who peed on their way into a pre-Oscars party. It was a human being.

The culprit? Jackass crazy dude Steve-O.

O was on his way into The Key Club on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip, when he
unzipped his trousers and made like a life-sized fountain.

How is it that Paris Hilton is getting turned away from parties, but Steve-O can saunter right in and write his name in the snow? Something’s not right out there in Hollywood.

WWTDD has a collection of the photograhs. Action shots, if you will. So you can take a look if you’d like. Me? I think I’m gonna pass. I saw Jackass: The Movie. So I’ve seen more than enough of Steve-O for one lifetime.

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