• Yanni was arrested at his home for allegedly roughing up his girlfriend in a domestic dispute, but has denied the allegations. There’s nothing funny about domestic violence…except when it involves Yanni, when it’s just a little bit funny.

  • The ratings for the Oscars telecast were down nearly 8 percent from last year. Those 8 percent are probably kicking themselves for missing that Chicken Little bit.
  • Jermaine Jackson is reportedly trying to sell a book in which he casts doubt on his brother’s innocence. I didn’t know Tito had been accused of anything.
  • Helo, gorjous! According to Drudge, Barbra Streisand has written another scathing indictment of George Bush, ridiculing him as a C student. Unfortunately, she misspelled eleven words.
  • Sean Lennon and Elizabeth Jagger spent the night together at a hotel recently – sparking rumours they are dating again. Meanwhile, Julian Lennon had a nice conversation with a cashier at the Piggly Wiggly.
  • Tom Hanks was reportedly mad that they Forrest Gump theme was played when he presented at the Oscars because he was told it wouldn’t be. This proves once again that the Oscars are like  box of chocolates…
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