GAMES: Movie Time


Three big movies are opening up this weekend: Failure to Launch, These Hills Have Eyes, and The Shaggy Dog. Now, while I’m probably not going to see any of them in the theaters (let’s be serious, people), that doesn’t mean I’m not going to check out their websites to see what kind of killer games the studios put together for me to play. I decided to review them for you right here. So let’s begin.

3. Failure to Launch: I got excited when I saw the special features section on the Failure To Launch page. I was really hoping that I could finally live out my dream of launching Sarah Jessica Parker into a wall or something. Unfortunately, that wasn’t an option. Instead, the only game offered is a "Roommates Vs. Parents" quiz, where you have to decide things like who’s more likely to: Rent or Own– your roommates or parents. Really tough stuff. Grade: D (almost a Failure, but not quite)

2. These Hills Have Eyes: A video game hasn’t been able to scare me since Castlevania on Nintendo in 1988. Sorry guys. Grade: C

1. The Shaggy Dog: That Tim Allen! He sure knows how to entertain! The best of the three, this site has plenty to keep you busy… if you’re 12. The Frogger-esque "Chase The Cat" game kept me entertained for minutes, and the What Kind of Dog Are You? quiz proved insightful. I’m a bulldog. The best feature on the site, though, is the Shaggify Yourself page. No, it’s not what you think– Disney is not re-directing you to a porn site. Instead, you can upload a picture and see what you would look like as a dog. Naturally, I was curious what Paris Hilton would look like if she was one. So, when you click below, you can finally see what Paris would look like if she was a bitch. I said "if."


Grade: A

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