While You Were Stalking Your Ex on MySpace


  • Sharonstone
    Sharon Stone
    says she’d "kiss just about anybody" to end the decades-long conflict between Arabs and Israelis.  Hey, why not?  It got her a part in Basic Instinct (of course, she didn’t say WHAT she’d kiss).
  • Ex-football star Terry Bradshaw will be appearing nude in the upcoming film Failure To Launch.  As if you really needed ANOTHER reason not to see Failure To Launch
  • Did Tara Reid get wasted and crash her car outside of Dennis Rodman’s house?  Of course she did…just another day in Taradise, baby.
  • Martha Stewart has made another high-profile enemy only a week after her highly publicized row with Donald Trump, this time it’s Rosie O’Donnell.  And she thought prison was dangerous!  Now Martha’s only hope at not getting cut with a shiv is forming strategic alliances with Oprah and Joy Behar.
  • And without further ado, the REAL JT Leroy is finally revealed!  Yes, the real thing after all the waiting.  No, seriously – it’s for real this time.  Come on, guys.  Guys?
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