Bowie1 FIND: David Bowie Comics. Some lucky collector dug up this rare comic that features David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust as a cartoon. Still just as cool as the original. (found objects)

BLOOPER REEL: Presidential bloopers video. Watching powerful people make fools of themselves never gets old! (SmitHappens)

MISTAKE: The cubicle. It was reported today that the inventor of the cubicle regretted the day he ever conceived of the soul-sucking set-up. A lot of good that does us now.  (CNN)

EMPLOYER: Michael Jackson. It’s a day off for 69 employees at Neverland Ranch who won’t go into to work until Jackson pays worker’s comp. Maybe the Llamma can run the Ferris Wheel in the meantime. (smoking gun)

PETA SPOKESPERSON: Morissey. He received the Linda McCartney Memorial Award from the animal activist organization for his classic Smiths album Meat is Murder. Maybe they never heard Suedehead.(peta)

LYRIC: "Why don’t you swallow my gift". That gem courtesy of Russell Crowe and his 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. We’d love to swallow your gift, Russell, but shouldn’t we unwrap it first? (Perez Hilton)

BACKHANDED COMPLIMENT: Joy Behar bringing up Chloe Sevigny’s oral sex scene in Brown Bunny as a testament to her acting. Very subtle.(BWE)

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