SIZZLER: Jessica Dumped In 118 Characters or Less


It’s being reported that inexplicable stud Adam Levine recently dumped hot rebound girl Jessica Simpson via text message.  Ouch, that’s GOT to hurt.  According to tabloids, Levine’s message was only four words: "Really Busy. Need Space."

Ah yes, a text message break-up classic.  Just goes to show you that even a universally desired mega-star like Jessica Simpson isn’t immune to the flighty whims of a man with so little time and so many people to do. 

We’ve discovered a few other break-up text messages Adam considered sending:

  • Thx 4 the @ss…FU…LOL
  • 3way w/ Ash?
  • Srsly, U R gettin annoying.
  • I M Gay.
  • Maroon 5 Rulez.  Nick Lachey droolz.
  • 2 Many Daddy Issues.  C U L8r.
  • Paris, It’s Adam.  Hurts when I pee.
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