DrunkentarareidIn this case, DWI stands for ‘Driving While Idiotic." From

A well-lubricated Tara Reid was seen outside of Dennis Rodman‘s Newport Beach house on Wednesday morning, paying off a local resident after slamming into their car.

According to our eyewitness, Ms. Reid’s "pupils were clearly dialated, fow what reason I don’t know." After exiting their respective vehicles, Tara told the owner of the other vehicle that she "didn’t want to deal with insurance," and promptly handed the gentleman $700 dollars to "forget it ever happened."

Alex mentioned this yesterday, but I just had to add three things. 1) Tara Reid and Dennis Rodman??? This woman has officially nailed the entire C-List. Congratulations. You get a crate of Redbull and Parliaments for your hard week. 2) I never want to see the words "well lubricated" and "Tara Reid" in the same sentence ever again. Please? And 3) Is it just me, or do you get the feeling that this isn’t Tara’s first "here’s a few hundred bucks, keep your mouth shut" transaction the morning after a long night of partying? Call it a hunch.

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