LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever



  • From WFMU, The Incomparable Rutland Junior High School Ensemble with "Do the Hustle" It’s sort of like Langley gone disco.
  • From comboplate, Voice of East Harlem gives us "Cashing In." Just right for a Friday afternoon.
  • From The Ten Thousand Things, Aaron LaCrate with "Blow." Amanda Blank (I think) rules this track. 
  • From Making Flippy Floppy, DEV2.O with "Freedom of Choice." Just had an uncontrollable urge.
  • From Lupatarkastaja, Yakuza‘s “Cancer of Industry” the " most acceptable track of the record, so it’s good way to dive in to this hybrid of King Crimson, Napalm Death, System of a Down and all that jazz." Amen. 
  • From my new favorite dead horse to flog, The Soul Club, Solomon Burke‘s version of "Maggie’s Farm." And that’s all for me this week!