Donald Trump Gets Served!


Chuck Lorre, the producer of the CBS yuk-fest Two and a Half Men has disliked The Donald ever since literally running into him years ago. Donald made Chuck feel like crap. Chuck knows how to hold a grudge.

Now, as you may or may not know, Lorre is the producer who likes to leave a "vanity card" at the end of the credits as a reward to the people out there who tape Two and a Half Men (or as I like to call them, people in their mid-40’s.) Anyway, in last week’s rant, Chuck took a dig at the man who dismissively brushed him off years ago.

all these years, the memory that lingers, the image that haunts, is of
his smug pout and condescending hand gesture that somehow caused me to
feel utterly insignificant. I was reminded of all this when I looked at
the ratings of Two and a Half Men versus the ratings of The Apprentice.  Hey, Donald, I just bumped into you again!

It’s on! You can read Chuck’s entire diss here (it’s episode 153). Or you could just pop in your tape of Two and a Half Men and hit ‘pause’ at the end. I’m sure that’s what Donald is doing right now.

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