Is Haldis Gundersen Having the Best Week Ever?



You’ve probably never heard of Haldis Gundersen, but once you hear her story, you might want to get to know her so she’ll invite you to her house:

By an improbable feat of clumsy plumbing, someone at the [Big Tower Bar] in Kristiandsund, western Norway…accidentally hooked the beer hoses to the water pipes for Gundersen’s apartment. "We had settled down for a cozy Saturday evening, had a nice dinner, and I was just going to clean up a little," Gundersen, 50, told The Associated Press by telephone Monday. "I turned on the kitchen faucet and beer came out."

The beer was flat, but I still think that deserves a full-throated "Dude!" and Gundersen has to be considered a candidate for Best Week Ever status.

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