One Sweet Bangle


SweetWhat happens when you combine one of the best pop-rock artists of the 90’s (before "pop" was considered a dirty word) and one of the hottest rock chicks of the 80’s? You get Sid ‘n’ Susie, a side project of sorts featuring Matthew Sweet and The Bangles’ Susanna Hoffs.

Go to their MySpace page and listen to their covers of the Velvet Underground, the Beatles, and the Bee Gees. Okay, you can skip the Bee Gees one if you want.

As a student of VH1’s Behind The Music, I have to warn Matthew about something before the two embark on a musical career together (they’re playing South By Southwest this weekend): don’t let Susanna’s unparalleled sexiness tear the band apart. It caused problems with The Bangles, and it has the potential to break up Sid ‘n’ Susie as well. Just let her be the sexy one, okay Matthew? Think you can do that? Great.

(Oh, and in case you were worried, these pictures are proof that Susanna’s still got it. The years of walking like an Egyptian have done her well.)

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