Sequels and Remakes and Failures, Oh My: Weekend Box Office Results


Ignore all you want, they’ll make more.  Here are the top 5 Hollywood products you spent your hard-earned money on this week:

1.  Romantic comedy you vaguely feel like you’ve seen before, except this time Carrie Bradshaw must overcome wacky parents and silly hijinx to drag her hunky new crush into Committed Adult Relationshipland! – $24.6 million

2.  In this incredibly original remake, Tim Allen turns into a dog with lots of hair.  Hilarity ensues.  – $16 million

3.  In this incredibly original remake, it’s a Horror Movie blah blah vacationing family blah blah gets lost in desert blah blah bloodthirsty mutants blah blah blah.  – $15.5 million

4.  Bruce Willis is a grizzled, aging cop who is hungover and having a bad day and and has to shoot some stuff and fight some people.  Again. – $7.3 million

5.  Big Momma’s Nutty Family Reunion at the Barbershop in the Hood, Part 8.  – $5.8 million

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