While You Were Already Wishing It Was Friday


  • Jack_nicholson
    Rapper Young Jeezy was arrested after a shootout and charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Unfortunately he wasn’t shot himself, so industry experts only expect a slight bump in album sales instead of a massive one.
  • Jack Nicholson says the only way he’ll give Diane Keaton the time of day is if she starts acting more sexually adventurous. Are these two too senile to realize they don’t have to promote Something’s Gotta Give anymore?
  • Liv Tyler is mad at celebrity mothers who lose weight quickly after giving birth. Meanwhile, her husband is mad at himself for knocking up the wrong celebrity.
  • Kristin from Laguna Beach is NOT dating Nick Lachey. She’s not that desperate for her own reality show yet.
  • After purchasing the rights to all 63 episodes, Bravo will start airing HBO’s Six Feet Under. But only after they edit out all that boring heterosexual stuff.
  • If you’re a woman, you can’t hug James Earl Jones. No matter what kind of deal he gets you on a cell phone.
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