Like Father, Like Son



So Macaulay Culkin’s new book Junior or the strike through rambling McSweeney’s style autobiography, is on display in Barnes and Nobles across the country. While critics are calling it an "audaciously empty mishmash of poems, letters, comics, etc.," no one can deny the book is rife with father issues. The father in question is based on Culkin’s real dad Kit, a failed actor who’s reportedly pined after his son’s career since Uncle Buck.

Not suprisingly, Culkin Sr. is once again following in his son’s footsteps and writing his own autobiography. No doubt it will be rife with son issues. Find out more about it after the jump…

Kit Culkin’s as yet unpublished memoir,  which he’s publicizing on his blog, promises to cover everything from Keiran’s career to the Home Alone set. Based on the bizarre e-book, Culkin published about Michael Jackson, he probably won’t shy away from Mac’s relationship with the pop star. Now if only Keiran, Christian, Rory, Quinn, Shane and Dakota would write books, I think I’d have a clear picture of what the Culkins are all about.

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