Put Me In, Bowser – I’m Ready to Play!


Ah, the click of the mouse, the neurotic checking of the standings, the sweet, sweet pleasure of bragging obnoxiously to your co-workers.  That’s right, folks – it’s Fantasy Baseball time again.  But take a break from crafting your sure-fire killer team and join us in pontificating a much greater, much more important question: who would you pick as your starting line-up if you could only choose characters from classic Nintendo games

I’ll post my line-up after the jump – put yours in the comments!

Batting Order:

SS – Ryu from Ninja Gaiden
2B – Billy from Double Dragon
3B – Solid Snake from Metal Gear
1B – Kong from Donkey Kong
CF – Luigi from Super Mario Brothers 2
RF – Mad Dog from Contra
LF – Legendary Warrior from Rygar
C – Wonder Boy from Adventure Island
P – Roger Clemens from RBI Baseball

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