The Other Side of “Wife Swap”



A while back, there was a special episode of Wife Swap, where couples told us how the show saved their marriage. But it would seem to me that it would be much more likely that it would ruin marriages. Like last night’s episode, for instance:

It featured a workaholic woman and a woman who home-schools her kids and, oh yeah, lives the life of someone from the Middle Ages. Needless to say, the family who got Middle Ages lady was less than thrilled, especially the teenaged son, who was made to wear a jester’s outfit. Workaholic got her Swap kids to go to real school and actually have friends (the kids had none other than their parents). Anyway, Workaholic learned the value of family time and her husband was so happy to have her back. Middle Ages lady reversed all the changes that Workaholic made, even though Middle Ages man seemed to appreciate them.

Now, if I were Middle Ages man, I would have totally chosen to stay with Workaholic rather than go back with Middle Ages woman. It really makes me wonder how many couple get divorced after being on the show.

And another thing off the subject: How did Middle Ages family ever find out about Wife Swap? Or for that matter, the Wiccan family from a couple of weeks ago?
That show just raises more questions than it answers. But boy, do I love it!

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