Tribute to K-Fed: Yo Yo Now


I think K-Fed’s "PopoZao" is song of the year, hands down. In fact, it excited me so much, that I’ve decided that I want to be a hip-hop artist too. From now on, I will be known as J-Fed. My first single is inspired by "PopoZao" and it’s about the thing I love the most: spinning Yo-Yos. It’s fire!

Lyrics after the jump so you can rap along.

"yo yo now"


candy rain

cold fusion


and fishbrain

i got the gyroscopic flops

the eli hops

when my yo-yo starts a spinnin’
you know it never stops

i ain’t got time for phonies or fakers

you’re like barney rubble and i’m barney akers

you say you want to spin with me?

get out my face with that rockin’ baby

down up

up down

yo yo now

yo yo now

mountain climber

water bomb

pulling taffy

spirit bom

flying saucer


i got the superman, thin ice and absolute zero

listen what you’re girlfriend says "don’t be a hero"

there’s something you should know before you step in

the yo-yo was invented to be a deadly weapon

and still you want to spin with me?

put up your fixed axle and flee, son, flee

own up

up down

yo yo now
yo yo now


double pulley

white buddha

rice burn

shoot the moon

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