What Are the Five Best Reality Shows of All-Time?



We’ve got The Real World: Key West on in the office, and yet another group of people are having the same problems that the original cast of the Real World had: too much drinking, how to deal with the gay roommate, how to deal with the a-hole dude, who will hook up with whom, etc. But even though I’ve seen it all before, it’s still the best reality show on TV (and he first cast was the best ever). That got me to thinking: What are the five best reality shows of all time?

Here’s my list:
1) The Real World 2) The Osbournes 3) Wife Swap 4) Celebreality The Surreal Life 5) The Newlyweds

I’m not an expert on reality shows by any means, so if you are one, send me your top five in the comments section. I want to learn.

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