Commentary: TV Gives Up Hope with ‘The Loop



The TV used to believe in us, it used to give us hope for a better life with bigger windows, more expensive furniture and lots of free time.  You had the Friends, who lived in multi-million dollar lofts on their waitress-caterer budget. And the office-buddies at Just Shoot Me and Suddenly Susan,  who spend their days in colorful, couch-heavy offices with large kitchens and friendships that went beyond the work day.   

But these days we’ve gotten less optimistic in our portrayal of 20-something life on TV. Want proof?

In last night’s premiere of The Loop– an unsuccessful sitcom mash-up of The Office and Friends– the main character lives in Chicago in a dumpy frat house-style duplex and works for an airline company. His co-workers are old women, older men and a secretary who resents him. He wears dark, colorless suits and works in dark, colorless offices.  While it’s not the working class digs of the King of Queens, it’s nothing to be envious of.

What happened to the promise of New York City, jobs at glossy magazines and million dollar apartments? Between The Office, The Loop and various work-oriented Taco Bell and Burger King commercials the TV doesn’t present much opportunity for us 20-somethings beyond a cubicle and a gordita.   That is unless we get on a reality show.

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