“Grey’s Anatomy” Fans Revolt



Each week, the writers of Grey’s Anatomy do a blog entry about the show that just aired. You would think that the fans of the show would be grateful for this, but judging by this week’s comments, you would be wrong. They are disappointed. They are angry. And they aren’t going to take it anymore:

Angie writes, "I’m a little disappointed in the blog too. I’ve waited
all day to read it just for the insight as to WHY you people write the
episodes you do and all I get is what wonderful guests you had on. Yes,
Natalie Cole was GREAT as was the Veronica Mars dude, but I have
questions. Love the show – hate this week’s blog."

  • Shaneka writes, "This blog was a bit disappointing. There was no good
    insights on the characters. I realllllly wanted to know why you decided
    to have Meredith tell Derek about George with no explanation on how it
    happened or why she did it. I love the writers of the show totally, but
    this blog was awful. I mean seriously, the super bowl was a month and a
    half ago."
  • Lucie writes: Maybe it’s just me but I would really love a better blog post than that. I wait every week to read it and then I get this? It offered no insight into the story and that is why I read this. Normally I recall the episode fondly and often laugh when I remember certain scenes but not this time. I just wish it would have been better. Maybe you could add more?
  • Allison writes: Seriously, this is all you give us? There must be more. Let me just say congrats on making me hate George even more. I didn’t think it was possible but I do. And I didn’t think it was possible for me to love Meredith more than I already do… but turns out I do. I thought it was a good episode… but this is all you give us??!?
  • anonymous writes: This blog wasn’t as good as it usually is…no insight into the story lines…no reasoning as to why things were written the way the were…no subtle hints as to what may happen. All in all, it was a let down.
    rainduchess writes: This is not the insightful blog I was looking for. Last night’s episode was sort of shallow, and I was really hoping for something to make it understandable.
    I am really disappointed.
  • dacia writes: Seriously? No comment on if Derek was inspired to apologize to Addision because of the medical case? Or because Meredith asked if Addison knew they were friends? …And what about with George? He is spouting off that the hockey kid is crazy to go to the extreme of cutting something off because it hurts rather than deal with letting it heal. And yet he’s doing the same thing with his relationship with Meredith. And instead, you blog about some show I don’t know and about a game that was over a month ago? Seriously? I’m disappointed.
  • Jo writes: Seriously? Nobody cares about the guest stars. Yes, they’re talented, and yes, they make us laugh and cry, and yes, they help propel the plot. But the fact of the matter is, Natalie Cole and Mr. Veronica Mars are just Patients of the Week. And while I get that they’re important, what I really want to hear about are the ten main characters that we’ve all come to know and love. Something to keep in mind.

This is a small sample of an endless stream of sadness.

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