Inspired by Shakespeare, Based on Crap



I am so excited about the new Amanda Bynes movie She’s the Man– about a girl who goes incognito as a guy at her high school. Why? because I love Shakespeare. The movie has billed itself as being inspired by the Bard’s classic comedy of errors Twelfth Night and we are absolutely sure it’s faithful to the original text. Just as faithful as the 1985 film Just One of The Guys was. That movie was also about a girl who goes incognito as a guy at her high school. I guess that was really based on Twelfth Night too.

After the jump we’ve collected a list of movies that are also inspired by Shakespeare but somehow remind us more recent films…

  • Movie: 0
  • Synopsis: Black student in Southern school has it all: the popular girl and the adoration of
  • basketball teammates, that is, until his best friend betrays him.
  • Based on Shakespeare’s: Othello
  • Really Based on: Teen Wolf
  • Why: Teen Wolf proved that the combination of being an different in a homogenous high school and kicking ass at the most crucial basketball game of the year is an unstoppable combination.

  • Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You
  • Synopsis: Hot guy is bribed to date a difficult high school girl, learns to love her
  • Based on Shakespeare’s: Taming of the Shrew
  • Really Based on: Can’t Buy Me Love
  • Why: nerdy guy bribes hot girl to date him, learns to love him. In fact any movie that involves a bribe, a teenager and a tearful recognition of the truth 2/3 through the film, can be credited for inspiring this movie.

  • Movie: Romeo+Juliet
  • Synopsis: Two Young lovers kept apart by feuding families
  • Based on Shakespeare’s: Romeo and Juliet
  • Really Based on: My So-Called Life
  • Why: While Baz Luhrman’s film employs the language of the Bard, the 90’s pop music, the lingering stares from behind corners and the awkward, clunky sexual tension between Leonardo DiCaprio and My So-called Life star Claire Danes scream Jordan Catailano.

  • Movie: Renaissance Man
  • Synopsis: Ad-exec teaches English to army recruits
  • Based on Shakespeare’s: Hamlet (kinda)
  • Really Based on: Good Morning Viet Nam/ Dead Poets Society
  • Take the fraternal, patriotic camradery of any soldier move and the premise for any tough-love teacher who teaches his students to love learning and you’ve got a movie that should have starred Robin Williams not Danny Devito.

  • Movie: My Own Private Idaho
  • Synopsis:A friendship between two male hustlers
  • Based on Shakespeare’s: Henry IV
  • Really Based On: Midnight Cowboy
  • Why: A friendship between two male hustlers: one quiet, one quirky. The movie follows their wanderlust and desire to get out of town. This updated version of the Voigt-Hoffman X-rated original has re-imagined the film with teen idols. Dreamy.

    Did we forget any? If you think of anymore, drop them in our comments section!

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