LISTEN UP: Your Daily Dose of the Best Music Ever


  • Jennylewis Check out these blazin’ beats from hip hop imresario J-fed. You know, he’s just chillin at the studio, layin’ down tracks and "walking the dog," yo (yo).
  • Jenny Lewis wasn’t the only member of Rilo Kiley to produce a personal project this year. Blake Sennett got together with his band The Elected and released an album the same day as Rabbit Fur Coat. But no love was lost, since Lewis sings back up on The Elected’s folky It was Love.(via audiography)
  • This Blog keeps tabs on all free i-tunes downloads. It may not be what you ordered, but you it’s on the house. Today on the menu:  Brit pop band The Editor’s song Munich (not inspired by the movie)
  • If American Idol is any signifier of cultural trends, then twins are in. In honor of the genetic opportunists, here’s The Cocteau Twins sponsored by 80’s tunes.
  • If you went to Ninja High School, you’d probably write pop-locking break-dancing beats too. i wanna f*** dirty harry, hosts a bunch of their songs in an effort to go to their senior prom.
  • Gifted’s got another song for Daniel. This ones by earnest Bay Area folk duo The Finches. Not sure if this Daniel’s a star in the face of the sky, but he seems like an okay guy.
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