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FURTHER PROOF THAT WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF SUBJECTS FOR DOCUMENTARIES: How William Shatner Changed the World on The History Channel. (CNN)

THE ‘I REALLY CAN’T BELIEVE SHE’S ACTUALLY A VIRGIN’ PHOTO GALLERY: Adriana Lima’s April 2006 photo shoot for GQ (Gorillamask)

REAL REALITY TV SHOW MOMENT: Grill catches fire during a cooking show. This moment beats everything Top Chef. (Humping Frog)

BAD NEWS FOR BUSH / GOOD NEWS FOR BUSH: Jessica Simpson blew him off… but apparently "loves the heck out of him." (abc)

LOVE ON THE ROCKS (WITH NO ICE): Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra may be having marriage problems. Is this the next couple that the gossip rags plan on breaking up? Developing… (National Ledger)

MP3: For the second day in a row: The Sopranos Megamix: Do The Malanga! (Download it here)

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