CINEMA’S GOLDEN ERA: V For Vaguely Retarded


V_for_vendetta Here are the top 5 film people chose to sleep off their hangovers in this past weekend:

1.  Hugo Weaving is the most bankable movie star in the world.  – $26.1 million

2.  F For Failure to give a sh*t about seeing this movie, or any of the 200 more exactly like it coming soon to a theater near you. – $15.8 million

3.  Tim Allen still hasn’t improved anything since television after the cancellation of Home Improvement. – $13.6 million

4.  Just one the…guys, seriously stop making unoriginal crap like this.  I mean, has the well of creativity really run so dry that you’re going to remake a Billy Zabka movie?  This is the cinematic equivalent of not finishing a frozen dinner, sticking in the fridge, then reheating it a week later. – $11 million

5.  …And the theaters have empty seats. – $8 million

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