Is Dylan Innes Having the Best Week Ever?



Who is Dylan Innes you ask? Only the first production assistant ever to be interviewed celebrity-style for his week of work on a movie. But he didn’t work on just any movie, he worked on the Snakes on a Plane movie. So his buddies on scored the coveted interview with the P.A. and forced him to reveal more about the movie than the trailer suggests.

Innes, responsible for "hauling equipment and guarding the parking lot" answered questions like: Was it always called Snakes on a Plane? (no it was originally called Pacific Air Flight 121) how do the snakes get on the plane?  (Korean terrorists, of course) Did they use real snakes? (mostly CGI and rubber models but some real ones) and does he get "more ass now than ever before"? (yes, he met his landed a girlfriend on set). He may not have earned as much as Samuel L., but he managed to score a lady and the temporary respect of peers. Enjoy it now, Innes, next week it’s back to the parking lot.

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