The State of TV: Too Much of a Good Thing



I’ve been frustrated for a long time by the fact that there are too many good shows to keep up with, but last night after The Sopranos, I reached my breaking point. Already exhausted from having been through the tense campaigning in The West Wing, I was totally drained after watching Tony fighting for his life and his family just fighting. So drained, in fact, that I couldn’t watch Grey’s Anatomy. I had planned all along to Tivo Desperate Housewives and Big Love, but missing out on Grey’s was just too much. How am I expected to be able to talk to my coworkers about Sunday television on Monday morning when I can’t even watch half the good shows?

Now, you might be thinking that it’s not such a big deal and that I can just catch up on the second-tier Sunday shows on Monday. But then when do I watch Wife Swap and 24? Do I Tivo them while I watch stuff from Sunday? And then what happens to American Idol? Scrubs? Do I put those off too? And don’t forget about my Netflixers. I’m in the middle of Lonesome Dove, but I’ve been stuck at the beginning of the cattle drive for a week because I can’t squeeze it in to my viewing schedule. What’s worse is that I hear about all these other good shows that I can’t get to like Lost and House, to say nothing of the stuff on FX, Showtime, and who knows what else.

So I have a request to all the network executives out there: Stop making so many good shows!

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