Lifetime: Television for Certain Women


Fantasia_barrinoLiftetime has just released its 2006-07 schedule and they are promising that women will "find their own story." And that’s true if you are a former American Idol contestant with the same name as a Disney movie, married to a high-powered political consultant who happens to represent the party you don’t represent, work at a matchmaking agency that pretends it’s in Beverly Hills but is actually in Tarzana, or are an agent for Hollywood pets. 

Full descriptions of the shows after the jump!

  • Fantasia — July — A Cinderella story about Fantasia Barrino, a teenage single mother who overcame sexual abuse, poverty and illiteracy by using her incredible voice to rise to national prominence as the winner of "American Idol."
  • Lovespring — June — The improvisational half-hour comedy "Lovespring" is about a matchmaking agency marketed to customers as an "elite Beverly Hills" company, despite its location in Tarzana, California. The ensemble cast is comprised of relationship counselors and a staff psychologist who try to convince loveless people that their service can lead clients to the perfect mate.
  • Election – 4Q — Husband-and-wife political consultants, Republican Mary Matalin and Democrat James Carville, apply their White House experience – – along with their acerbic wit — when they become campaign managers in a hotly contested Washington, D.C. high-school election for student body president.
  • Paws — TBD — Inside the world of a Hollywood pet agency — as told from the people that run it and the women who think their animals should be stars.

Sounds like Lifetime isn’t just for hungover movie-watching marathons anymore. Go here to learn more!

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