While You Were Taking a Nip From Your Secret Stash of Work Whiskey



  • I just had the weiredest dream that I was at a party, but the party was in a sauna and Moby was there and he didn’t have his shirt on. That wasn’t a dream? (blood curdling scream!!!!!!!!)
  • Donald Trump doesn’t think Kevin Federline makes a suitable marriage partner. He talks too much.
  • Star Jones had a brush with death when she got a breast lift. But it was nothing compared to the guy they found underneath it when they lifted it.
  • Tom Cruise loves public displays of affection.  Unfortunately his teenage daughter really doesn’t.
  • Salma Hayek said Colin Farell was a complete gentleman when they shot scenes naked for Ask the Dust. Of course when they were clothed he was a complete d*ck.
  • Jason Alexander had to hawk burgers to make a living before Seinfeld. After Seinfeld, he had to hawk fried chicken.
  • Terrell Owens is following in Shaq’s footsteps and starting a career in rap. If he keeps following those footsteps he’ll hit a dead end.
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