• Lacoste
    HEADLINE: "Wily coyote caught in New York’s Central Park." (Yahoo!)
  • SAD NEWS FOR PREPPIES: The creator of LaCoste clothing has passed away.  (People)
  • HIPPIE IDEA THAT ISN’T COMPLETELY TERRIBLE: Hot girls getting high.  (Girls Gone Weed)
  • CRUNK E-CARD: Lil’ Jon’s announcement for his latest track, "Snap Yo Fingers".  (Lil Jon)
  • FUTURE DIVORCEE: Man whose toddler wandered into strip club after leaving him in the car.  (AP)
  • THING THAT MAKES YOU GO "HMM": According to a study, "whiny, insecure" kids tend to grow up conservative while the "confident, self-reliant" ones turn out liberal. (Toronto Star)
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