Those Were the Days: “Double Trouble”



Goldenfiddle asks a very good question: "Sweet Maui Onion, is there anything better on reality TV right now than the “relationship” between twin sister models Kelly [the confident one]…and Sabrina [the sad one whose skin broke out] on MTV’s mannequintastic 8th & Ocean?" The answer is, of course, no. But as awesome as watching these two play out their (one-sided) rivalry, it’s nothing compared with the best twin show ever, Double Trouble.

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Kate was the Kelly of the show, though not half as mad, while Allison (Ally) was the Sabrina, though not as sad, and she looked amazing in a leotard. There was crazy old Aunt Margo and her huge apartment in Manhattan (what luck!), and the funniest guys ever, Billy and Charles. The twins had the perfect situation: Kate benefited from Allison’s practicality, and Allison was forced to be more spontaneous by Kate. And oh how I miss the days when Kate would get them both into trouble because she pretended to be Allison, but in the end, things always seemed to work out. (And did you know that Jean and Liz Sagal are the younger sisters of Peg Bundy herself, Katey Sagal?) Anyway, the twins seem to be nowhere to be found these days[Actually they’re successful writing and directing TV!], so I’ll just have to look at these pictures and remember the glory days when Double Trouble ruled the airwaves…





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