TRAILER TALK with Ronnie Dwayne Munro


How y’all doin’? I’m Ronnie Dwayne Munro, and I’m here to talk about the
one thing I know anything about: trailers. This week, we’re gonna be
lookin’ at the newest trailers available here on the World Wide

Click – Oh man, ain’t this movie got it all?  Adam Sandler, 80’s songs, the guy from Baywatch, a story about a dude who can use a TV clicker to control HIS LIFE!  Holy hell could I ever use somethin’ like that there invention!  My old lady’s always tellin’ me to get the Camaro washed and pick up the food stamps and drop Little Dale Jr. off over at the trailer park park, so boy would it ever be nice to be able to press pause and rewind and all that.  Actually, I’d be happy just to have a VCR. 

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector – Dear Jesus, thank you so much for blessing us with this movie.  I been hopin’ for this movie to happen for a long time now, and damned if you didn’t hear my prayers and git ‘er done.  I can already tell how much I’m gonna love this movie cause in the 2 minute trailer, Larry makes fun of women, Asians, Jews, homosexuals, black people and Biff from Back To the Future.  I know you did this, Jesus, ’cause this is a movie that could only be made in heaven.

The Da Vinci Code and Basic Instinct 2 after the jump.

The Da Vinci Code – Holy hell am I ready for this durned movie to come out!  Seems like every old boy I’ve ever met’s been tellin’ me about this book for the past 4 years or something.  Me, I’m not much for readin’ and booklearnin’, but I like a good Tom Hanks movie as much as the next guy.  My only concern is seein’ as how it’s about some painter or somethin’, this one seems like one of them artsy-fartsy jobs my wife’s always tryin’ to get me take her to.  Problem is, she thinks that just ’cause I take her to say a classy movie like this, we gotta go eat a pricey restaurant like Applebee’s or somethin’ first.

Basic Instinct 2 – Holy lord it’s about time they came out with a sequel to Basic Instinct!  Hell I was ready for part 2 before Sharon Stone even pulled out her first ice pick back in the 90’s.  Looks like this one’s stickin’ right with what works – unladylike leg-crossings, naked Sharon Stone, and raunchy, raunchy sexin’.  This is what me and the misses call a "Saturday Night Picture". 

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