While You Were Wondering Whether You Need More “Bling”



  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are starting a new advice column on their website, where their teenage girl fans can get answers to important questions like, "What’s the best way to induce vomiting?" and "Which dealers don’t mind delivering?"
  • Real Estate 101: If you sell Prince a house, the purple’s part of the deal.  Duh.
  • Michael Jackson is planning to revive his dying career by collaborating with hip-hop star 50 Cent.  His first single will be titled "In Da Cub Scout".
  • Blow Out’s super-amazing totally laid-back completely humble gift to humanity man-god Jonathan Antin was once arrested for beating up his girlfriend.  But now he’s, like, just totally focused on his, like, rockin’ career and his amazing family and creating the best hair products in the world you can buy for the low, low price of blah blah blah….
  • Fred Savage and his wife have proudly announced that they’re expecting their first child.  I smell a Wonder Years sequel!
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