• (MOST BRITISH) HEADLINE: "Punter pays million-pound penalty for fluffed spot kick." (AFP)
  • RACIST LOCAL NEWS TEAM: Something tells me the motivation behind this "hilarious" news segment had nothing to do with Leprechauns.  (YouTube)
  • LESSON: Being on Flavor of Love, calling oneself "Pumpkin" and
    spitting in the face of another contestant apparently deems one
    unsuitable for substitue teaching in California public schools.  Who
    knew?  (SJ Mercury News)
  • GAY PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: "Stomp Out Litter!" (Gothamist)
  • AGING ADVICE: Only eat asparagus.  (Ying-Yang Mossimo Hacky-Sack)
  • TIMEWASTER FOR TWENTY-SOMETHING GIRLS: This chick is re-reading the entire "Babysitter’s Club" series of books and blogging about it. (Claudia’s Room)
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