While You Were Hating On The Haters



  • Grandmaster Federline hates the haters over at Us Weekly so much that he even spit some of his flow right into their faces.  Don’t f*ck with Fresno.
  • Jessica Alba says she’s "sick of being a sex kitten."  Funny, cause I’m sick of her being such a pussy.
  • Porn star Savanna Samson has the wine community standing at attention after creating a top-rated new wine.  To fully enjoy the full-bodied flavors: first sniff, then spit, then swallow.
  • According to Page Six (3rd item), Elton John changed the lyrics from "Daniel" to "Donald" during a recent concert, in a tribute to Donald Trump’s newborn son.  Funny, I would think he’d have chosen "Levon", seeing as how much Trump "likes his money".
  • America voted Kevin "Chicken Little" Couvais off American Idol last night.  When the sky falls, you people are really going to be sorry.   
  • I think Chuck Sheen might need a tinfoil hat.
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