While You Were Setting Your Thermostat to 68 Degrees



  • Dick Cheney spends his downtime watching FoxNews and drinking diet caffeine free Sprite in 68 degree hotel rooms. What do you expect from a guy who spends his ‘up time’ quail hunting.
  • Jamie Kennedy returning to TV with a new comedy-reality show called Blowin Up. But first had to promise no more Xpiraments.
  • King Kong is available for download for a mere $35 bucks. Or you could rent it in a month for $3.95 and not watch it at your desk.
  • Kellie Pickler poses before her senior prom. And then hops a limo and heads for the event inside a genie’s lantern.
  • New Dixie Chicks song addresses death threats they received as a result of their political views.  Does not mention death threats they got as a result of their singing.
  • Pete Doherty kicks a reporter. Worse yet, he doesn’t offer him crack.
  • What if Snakes on a Plane were called Pacific Air Flight 121? Ray Liotta probably would have been the star.
  • If you’re cast on Survivor, you better not be allergic to peanut butter.

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