Are Post-Pubescent Child Stars Having the Best Week Ever?


Haley2Contrary to popular belief, some child stars come out okay. In fact this week, there were three former-celebukids who emerged from puberty victorious.

First there’s beloved Wonder Years child star Fred Savage who announced this week he’s going to be a daddy. We know somewhere Daniel Stern is making an misty-eyed observation on the human condition. Speaking of Savage, Boy Meets World alum Rider Strong is making his TV comeback this Tuesday as a smitten cameraman in Pepper Dennis, the winsome WB drama starring Rebbecca Romaijn as a sexy TV reporter. After watching the trailer, we are proud to say that aside from a pair of brainy glasses, Strong hasn’t changed a bit.

But you know who has? Haley Joel Osment. The former child star, who’s been waiting out puberty in a cave somewhere for the three past years, emerged at an LA Launch party this week and proved to the world that he’s come out on the other side. While he’s no longer eligible to play his signature creepy child prodigy, he’s first in line for the biopic on James Van Der Beek.

Congratulations post-pubescent child stars, you’ve come through the hardest part. Just steer clear of transvestites and the Surreal Life House and it’s smooth sailing from here.

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