Future Fashion or So 2006?


061505_paris_hilton180 This week Forbes predicted the futuristic fashion we’ll be wearing in 10 years. Meanwhile yesterday at LA Fashion Week celebrities were already sporting garb that looked like it’s from another millennium. While Forbes’s futuristic fashion is multi-purpose, celebrity high-fashion fashion serves no purpose at all . After the jump, guess which items are futuristic and which ones were donned by your favorite celebrities at LA Fashion Week circa 2006.


1.This jewelry is made from epithelial skin cells cultured in a lab and grown in a test tube.


2. This dress creates a copper seel over thighs to provide an instant tan that’s richer and shinier than any spray.


3.  The Nano Dew shirts and blankets contain vitamin E and special enzymes to reduce signs of aging and protect the wearer’s skin from ultraviolet rays.


4. This jacket and bustier combo contains oxygenenated air pockets that inflate or deflate the cleavage area via remote control button in the left hand pocket. 


5. These boots change shape depending on the speed and motion of the wearer.


6. This bias cut jacket doubles as an MP3 player. The ruffles on the lapel are equppiped with dolby stereo sound. 


1. Future Fashion 2. Tara Reid 3. Future Fashion 4. Latoya Jackson 5. Future Fashion 6. Nicole Richie

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