It’s Good To Be Brad, Better to Look Like Him



A year ago, you might have wished you could spend the day in Brad Pitt’s shoes. Handsome, wildly rich and shacking up with stunning Angelina Jolie, the superstar seemed to have it all. He even scratched his paternal itch by playing pop to Angelina’s adorable, mo-hawked son Maddox. But now with the Jennifer drama, the two more babies, and the exhaustive nomadic lifestyle, being Brad Pitt doesn’t seem like such a good gig. But you know what does? Being Brad Pitt’s Lookalike.

Greek-born Aris Kontos has the same twinkly baby blues and pink smackers as Brad Pitt with half the baggage. You may remember him as the guy who was mistaken for a cheating Brad in Greece(pre-Angelina). Now Kontos turns down movie roles, makes women shriek on the street and brings along a bouncer where ever he goes. And while he’s living the high life as an A-list celebrity, homeboy doesn’t even have to keep a job. So you see, Brad Pitt’s lookalike may live better than the superstar himself. Wish I could say the same for the guy who looks like Jason Alexander. (thanks for the tip ONTD)

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