While You Were Ready For The Damn Weekend To Begin Already


  • Kate_colin
    Colin Farrell
    and Kate Moss bond over rehab. It’s a match made in Hollywood.
  • The animated band Gorillaz will probably break up by Christmas. Fans believe it’s because the lead singer has gotten a big head. Literally. His head is bigger than everybody elses.
  • Tom Cruise has been voted the person people would least like to go camping overnight with, ahead of Saddam Hussein. I don’t get it– I bet Tom’s scary Scientology campfire stories are better than anything Saddam could come up with.
  • Buena Vista games is developing a computer game based on Desperate Housewives. No word yet on whether they’re including a secret code where you can make the women prove just how desperate they really are.
  • Drew Lachey is set to co-host the next Miss America Pageant. Nick Lachey is set to pick out his next girlfriend from it.
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