Who Is Pat Murphy-Stark and Why Does She Want to Take My Blood Pressure?



Perhaps you’ve seen the commercial for the WristTec blood-pressure monitor, which is affiliated with the Invention Channel. If so, you might remember that the woman who speaks on behalf of the product is named Pat Murphy-Stark. You would know this because she says, "I’m Pat Murphy-Stark," as if we all know who Pat Murphy-Stark is. I felt bad that I don’t know who Pat Murphy-Stark is (and maybe you don’t know who Pat Murphy-Stark is either), so I headed to the Internet and here is what I found on her website:

She has hosted lots of shows, including Food Bites and The Movie Loft. She was also Miss New York, which isn’t too shabby. She played the wife/mother/widow in "Getting Together for Life" for which Ed McMahon praised her for expressing "joy, concern, love & sorrow- with no dialog. The final piece had grown men and women in tears." She has had training in commercials, anchoring, and soap-opera technique. But what I really love is what she lists as her "special skills": She owns her own earpromter, has a valid passport, drives stick shift, worked undercover for a P.I., mom, and my absolute favorite, El Salvador Karaoke Contest Winner.

I can’t think of anyone I trust more to suggest a blood-pressure monitor than a passport having, stick-shift driving, undercover mom who can beat anyone in El Salvador at karaoke. I’m ordering the WrisTec today!

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