CINEMA’S GOLDEN ERA: From Spike Lee to Larry the Cable Guy


Here are the top 7 (I just couldn’t leave out Larry the Cable Guy) movies you elected to spend your hard-earned money on this past weekend.

1.  Spike Lee stops whining for a moment in order to cobble together a movie profitable enough to allow him to continue his incessant whining for a few more years – $29 million

2.  "Wait a minute, I thought this was supposed to be a superhero movie, not some kind of Michael Moore hippie-liberal-commie-propaganda!?!?" – $12.3 million

3.  Malcom in the middle of the bargain bin, right next to the other bajillion stupid horror movies just like this one – $11.2 million

4.  Who keeps watching this crap?  Shouldn’t this be on video yet? – $10.8 million

5.  Seriously, just stop.  This is too depressing to go on – $9.1 million

6.  She’s the man of one of the guys – $7.4 million

7.  Larry the Cable Guy gits ‘er done by making fun of black/Asian/gay/Jew/liberal/Mexican/female/Muslim people to the delight of intelligent, God-fearing Christians everywhere – $7.05 million

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