While You Were Learning Starbucks’ Fake Language



  • Brit Brit and K-Fed hit up Hotlanta this weekend to promote Mr. Federline’s forthcoming album.  They really put the ‘dirty’ in the Dirty South.
  • Demi’s pregnant.  The whole world gets Punk’d.
  • Ever wanted to be MySpace buddies with a Hilton?  Yeah, me neither.
  • Could the Church of Scientology really be thinking of buying Neverland Ranch, thereby creating the most perfect union of tabloid absurdity ever known to mankind?
  • Don Johnson gets paid a visit from the Repo Man.  Where’s your buddy Tubbs now, b*tch?
  • David Hasslehoff’s wife is claiming he was violent and abusive with her during their marriage.  I guess years of talking to a car can do that to a man.
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