SIZZLER: Star Jones Calls Joy Behar the B Word



Star Jones called into The View to talk about her breast lift, and apparently Joy Behar got sick of hearing about it. After Jones talked about for a while about how the lift was quite a hoist, Behar took the bull by the horns:

… Behar grabbed a pen and furiously scribbled a note, then gestured to Meredith Vieira to read the note, tapping the paper for emphasis. "Last Friday was my 44th birthday, but my boobs still think they’re 20," Jones said – and that’s when Behar heard enough. "OK, Star. That’s enough about you. On to us. ‘Bye," she snapped.
Behar was bleeped when she added "Keep your [breasts] perky!" in a mock-cheerful voice. "I’m glad to see you haven’t changed," Jones shot back. "Even today, you are still a b***h," she said before the call was abruptly cut off.

Do I detect a note of jealousy?

See the video!

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