While You Were Buying Sushi at Walmart



  • By American Idol standards 29 is old. By Real World standards it’s geriatric.
  • Tom Hanks will star in How Starbucks Saved My Life. After You’ve got Mail or how AOL Saved my Life, and Castaway or How Fed Ex Saved My Life, the actor is prime for the part.
  • Find out how Arnold Schwarzenegger could change your life if he gets reelected. Here’s a hint, it’ll be just like it was when Reagan was president.
  • Christina Aguilera has sublimated her desire to wear raunchy outfits into a new desire to buy raunchy paintings.
  • Keira Knightly now comes dressed as a high fashion flapper, but she used to come equipped with a prep school uniform. Collect them all.
  • Oceans 13 producer explains that Catherine Zeta Jones and Julia Roberts won’t reprise their roles in the trilogy is because their parts were too small for such big stars. Meanwhile Scott Caan and Casey Affleck cool with playing extras.
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