“Basic Instinct 2″ Trailer Is a Lie!



Ain’t It Cool News has the scoop on Basic Instinct 2. Basically, if you thought that the over the-top-trailer suggested that the movie was "going to be another Showgirls, another trip into a hypnotically unbelievable sex romp with a budget" you will be very disappointed. In fact

…if you’ve seen the internet ‘trailer’, then you’ve actually seen 75% more sex than is actually in the film. Virtually every frame of sex and nudity that appears in Basic Instinct 2, you’ve already seen. Let that sink in for a moment. I’ll wait.

Yes, there are exactly three sex scenes in this movie. One with a single nipple and some bobbing man ass. Another with a single nipple and some bobbing man ass. And a third, with two exposed nipples, and yes, dare I say it, more bobbing man ass. That semi hot looking threesome in the ‘trailer’? Never actually appears in the film – the third person in that three-way…never actually appears in the film. And outside of the sex, there is one, single, gratuitous nude scene. Of Sharon Stone. All told, there is perhaps 20-30 seconds of actual sexual content in this film.

So now you can wait until it comes to HBO OnDemand. Get your fast-forward/pause finger ready, gentlemen.

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